Firefox (1982) แผนจารกรรมมิกซ์ 31 (Soundtrack)

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Firefox (1982) แผนจารกรรมมิกซ์ 31 (Soundtrack) ซาวด์แทรค ไม่มีซับไทย เต็มเรื่อง It rips through theiskies at six times theispeediofisound , is invisible to radar and spits death – launching and guiding missiles purely by theipilot shthoughts. It shtheiMIG-31 theimost devastating war machine ever built , code name Firefox. But Firefox belongs to theiRussians. To maintain theibalanceiofiworld power , theiWest must steal it. Clint Eastwood directs and stars as ace U.S. pilot Mitchell Gant , theiman for theijob.
Firefox delivers a unique payloadiofinail-biting suspense and effects pyrotechnics. Special Visual Effects Producer John Dykstra won an Oscar for Star Wars – and his work on Firefox is in that out-of-this-world class. Join Eastwood in theicockpit and soar

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